Town Cars


Toyota IST

Self & Chauffeur Drive
Toyota IST has compact body, but its indoor space is comfortable enough to accommodate 4 people. The area around instrumental panel, door trim and heater control panel contains metallic decoration, which provides the interior with sense of unity and high quality. The meter device is installed in the center, minimizing the eye movement and providing higher visual performance. Storage space is very substantial.


Toyota Vitz

Self & Chauffeur Drive
The distinctive feature of Toyota Vitz is its short & tall body style. The wheelbase is 2370mm, which is slightly longer than usual that enables 4 adult passengers to be comfortable inside the car. As for interior, the meter is located at the center of the instrument panel, enhancing the visibility. All models are also equipped by air conditioners fitted with the spit hole and switch based on a circle shape and clean air filter eliminating pollen. Newly developed engine is 1 liter 4-cylinder engine. The adaptation of VVT-I and compactification of each parts have made it possible to achieve the best fuel consumption level.

Compact & Saloon Cars


Toyota Premio

Self & Chauffeur Drive
The style of Premio is significantly different from the previous conservative line. It has an aggressive design seen in the recent Toyota. Premio was developed under the keywords of “high quality and high functionality”.


Toyota Allion

Self & Chauffeur Drive
In terms of design, Allion has a dramatic design which is similar to recent Toyota's aggressive designs. Allion is developed with the keyword of “Upscaled and luxurious”.

Mini Vans

Toyota Noah-2

Toyota Noah

Self & Chauffeur Drive
Toyota Noah is an extremely flexible 8 seater MPV / minivan with loads of space and gadgets to make the family driving experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. It feels supremely well thought out, with useful storage space wherever you look and plenty of space for front and rear seat passengers. The Noah has surprisingly good acceleration for a 1500 kg car. The brakes won’t have anyone raving but they won’t annoy you either. They are light and more than adequate. The steering is light and predictable. It is a relaxing drive, with more than adequate performance in all areas. A brilliant, well thought out car. Very well suited to family life, flexible and relaxing to drive. Highly recommended!

Toyota Voxy png

Toyota Voxy

Self & Chauffeur Drive
The Toyota Voxy is essentially the same car as the Toyota Noah. The body shell and interior finishes are designed to appeal to a younger audience. Performance, size, interior and engine specifications are all the same as the Noah, leaving the choice between the two down to personal preference. Voxy new style and comfortable ride at high level. It is designed for all the people riding on the car to have fun time, under the concept of “creating a rich 21st century mobility life”. Voxy has a magnificent and at the same time friendly design.

toyota alphard png

Toyota Alphard

Self & Chauffeur Drive
The Alphard is Toyota’s luxury 8 seater minivan / MPV / people carrier. There is so much flexibility in the Alphard’s seating arrangements: bed, cafe, table, straight forward 3 rows and a boot space big enough for a chest freezer are all possible. There are a lot of variations in equipment levels, but in most cases ‘loads’ would be a good summary. Once you’re behind the wheel, the Alphard doesn’t feel as big as it looks from the outside. The 3 litre V6 engine has plenty of power and is quiet, smooth and feels effortless. It can pick up speed surprisingly quickly and without any fuss when required. Unsurprisingly for a 4WD car weighing 2 tonnes, there are disc brakes all round. They pull the car up well, but there is almost no pedal feel under braking. I think this is fairly typical for this type of vehicle. Cornering performance is OK for the size, weight and intended purpose of the car.



Toyota RAV4

Self & Chauffeur Drive
Toyota RAV4 ranks in the top half of the compact SUV class. It gets great fuel economy estimates, feels stable around corners, and offers a quality cabin with ample space. It is also designed in safety aspects, such as collision safety management and reducing pedestrians’ impact when the collision occurred.


Toyota Harrier

Self & Chauffeur Drive
Toyota engineers went on to fine-tune the Toyota Harrier’s engine, transmission, and drivetrain to eliminate vibrations and noises coming from these sources. Interestingly, instead of following other SUV body-on-frame designs, the Toyota Harrier actually has a more car-like body design, which makes for a stable off-road ride, at a more car-like comfort level. Inside the Toyota Harrier are all the things you’ve come to expect in a luxury automobile, such as comfortable leather seats, power-adjustable seats, power windows, locks, and sunroof. Safety and convenience features abound, including multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, vehicle skid control, multi-information display, GPS navigation, rear seat entertainment system, rear view camera. For a medium-sized crossover SUV, the fuel economy of the Toyota Harrier is surprisingly efficient and can easily take you the extra mile.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Self & Chauffeur Drive
The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a large SUV-type wagon with a seven-seat cabin, proven reliability, and peerless service back-up. For a big 4WD vehicle it is very comfortable as a day-to-day family car, but it is also built extra tough and is one of the best choices for long outback trips.


Toyota Land Cruiser VX

Self & Chauffeur Drive
The Toyota Land Cruiser VX is the king of four-wheel drives. It has stood on the summit of bush bashers for more than 60 years. Toyota Land Cruiser VX has remained largely untouched since then with a few minor nips-and-tucks along the way. It remains the first choice for serious four-wheel drivers while doubling as a conservative and cut-price alternative to modern luxury SUV’s.

Heavy Duty 4x4’s


Toyota Hilux Double Cabin

Self & Chauffeur Drive
Our ultimate all-terrain camping vehicle, the Toyota Hilux Double Cab has four window seats and the largest storage space of the entire fleet. Therefore perfect to take on a bush camping trip with a group of four people. The Hilux is our most comfortable and reliable vehicle with good on and off road performance. With good ride height for game viewing, increased ground clearance and bigger wheels, this vehicle is a real pleasure to drive both in upcountry and in the national parks.


Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop

Self & Chauffeur Drive
Your safari classic - the stretched Toyota Land Cruiser with hardtop roof. This stretched version has six window seats. The booth space is small. It is manual, has a 6 cylinder (1HZ) diesel engine and high ground clearance. Fuel consumption strongly depends on terrain, driving behavior and load but is in the range of 8 km / liter.



Toyota Coaster

Chauffeur Drive
The Toyota Coaster is a medium sized bus seats anywhere from 22 to 33 passengers and are ideal for transportation or transfers for groups of passengers. This bus offers comfortable seats and Air Conditioning as well as large windows for excellent visibility. This bus is not available on self-drive and the rate includes the provision of a qualified, expert Driver-Guide.